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  1. Wildsor as a typographic experiment merges two typefaces with different
    history, usage and aesthetics. One of them, Windsor, was designed
    in 1902 by Elisha Pechey. for Stephenson Blake type foundry. It was used
    extensively at the turn of the century in advertising on both sides of the
    Atlantic. The other, Courier, is probably the most well-recognized typeface
    in the world. Its fame has begun in the 50’s when IBM asked Bud
    Kettler to design a typewriter typeface.
    Both typefaces had an enormous impact on visual culture of the
    modern world. Woody Allen loved Windsor so much that he used white
    font on black background for the opening titles in each of his movies
    making it his typographic signature style. Courier is associated with
    office and telegram-like text, as well as “top secret” or government-classified
    The fusion of such different typefaces generated astonishing effect.
    Friendliness, warmth and art nouveau touch of Windsor are mixed with
    industrial monoline look and slab serifs of Courier. Despite being slightly
    extravagant Wildsor works fine as a corporate typeface. Different glyphs
    versions make it a perfect choice for those who are looking for display
    type with a bit of a twist.